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Landscape Design

Basic Design

By using aesthetic and functional guidelines, these elements define spaces and set the parameters for the plants, mulch, and finish details to follow. If done correctly, everything that follows in the installation process will be that much improved with a good hardscape design.

When selecting and laying out the hardscape elements, our designers take into consideration elements such as traffic flow, texture, color, form, and more.

Plantings Design

There is nothing better than a properly designed garden to not only compliment the hardscape, but to also fill all your senses. This is what makes your landscape "pop".

From dramatic colors and combinations that provide excitement and intrigue, to the monochromatic color schemes that support the foundation plantings, nothing adds more beauty to a landscape than a properly design plant scheme.

Lighting Design

 As the days become shorter, there is nothing more comforting than to come home to a professionally designed, illuminated landscape.

We take into consideration factors, such as the surrounding ambient light, as well as the existing exterior lighting that is on the home. This helps to produce the best possible result of what effect is trying to be accomplished. Besides the aesthetic attributes, a good lighting system provides safety and security to your site, as well as adding light to foot or vehicle traffic ways.

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